Content Production

  • FleishmanHillard Fishburn create cutting-edge social media model with Professor Jonah Berger

    October 29, 2020

    The social and innovation team at FleishmanHillard Fishburn today announced the release of OPTIMISE, a new model for evolving social media strategy and digital propositions, developed in partnership with marketing expert, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Professor Jonah Berger. OPTIMISE is a new model for social media success for brands and organisations founded in the teachings from Professor Jonah’s ground-breaking work published in his book, ‘Contagious: How To Build Word Of...

  • Listening in lockdown: how the crisis helped refocus the journalist-PR relationship

    August 13, 2020

    By Amy Story, Account Manager, Technology. As PR professionals, our relationship with the British media is of course a fundamental part of our work, which, like so many aspects of our lives, has been drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With increased digitalisation, staff cuts at many outlets, and publications’ reliance on advertising revenue, we have had to quickly adapt the way we work to keep up with the changing media landscape. We are well...

  • Maintaining relevance is essential for postponed and cancelled tournaments – here’s how to do it.

    July 13, 2020

    By Alastair Lyon, Senior Account Executive. Since the COVID-19 pandemic locked its talons into the sports industry, those involved in showcasing tournaments have been confronted by an array of sobering questions. One of the most under-discussed of these is how the many competitions that face their first ever ‘fallow year’, can remain relevant without any live action to satisfy fans with? Many of the organisers, brands and broadcasters to whom this article applies are struggling...

  • Social Strategy during Pandemic

    March 30, 2020

    By TJ Jordan, Social and Innovation After India’s entire 1.3 billion population was told to stay at home on the 25th March, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reached a previously unimaginable scenario: One in four human beings on this planet are currently cut off from all but essential social contact. Apart from one kind. Whilst social media has always been a medium that enhanced our global connectivity, the last few weeks have seen it...

  • Content Collective: We’re Here And We’re Ready To Play

    July 3, 2015

    Over the last few years, content has been having a bit of a moment. Everyone everywhere has been clamoring about how ‘content is king’ and how ‘branded journalism’ is the way forward. And they’re right, it is. No brand can hope to survive the bear-pit of our modern social-media driven marketplace without spot-on, targeted, well-produced content. The only problem with declaring that content is our future is that you might forget it’s also been our...