• Will gen AI change the game? Understanding the hopes, fears and ambitions of communications and marketing decision-makers

    October 23, 2023

    It’s almost a year since generative AI exploded into our newsfeeds and onto the agendas of organisations from all sectors. Since then, we’ve been told that these tools could affect up to 300 million jobs, and even that AI technology could one day pose an existential threat to humanity.  The news cycle is moving so quickly and keeps throwing up compelling new developments – earlier this month, for example, the BBC said it was looking...

  • Friend or foe? Five things we learned from FleishmanHillard’s panel event on the influence of generative AI on communications

    July 17, 2023

    Few people had heard of generative AI this time last year, but since ChatGPT launched in November it’s generated an incredible amount of attention from the media and social media – not all of it helpful or sober – and raised question after question about what it means for the future of communications. To try and provide some answers and clarity, FleishmanHillard UK recently hosted a panel event featuring four experts, each with their own...

  • AI advancements set to bring seismic shifts in how we access healthcare

    May 5, 2023

    Recent breakthroughs in AI and the anticipated speed at which businesses and industry are expected to transform will likely bring seismic shifts to the Healthtech landscape – from the way that people access healthcare to how we utilize data and begin to develop new systems and tools. There is a whirlwind of innovation ahead and, as more businesses plug themselves in, the speed of transformation in the sector is likely to shift current challenges in...