Re-evaluating Employee Value Proposition for the new era of work

It’s time to let go of the idea of “employer brand.” You have only one brand — it’s what the world, employees, and prospective talent all see and interact with — and amid the tightest global labour market in decades, it must be thoughtfully established and maintained to attract all audiences. Instead, organizations should focus on defining their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as the way to differentiate their unique talent offering, boost performance and engagement, and enhance reputation.

A new social contract between employers and employees has shifted the tone for a new era of work — no longer driven solely by wages and benefits, but by a new wave of employee-led activism around societal issues and working conditions connected to the companies they work for. Characterized by disruption, employee agency and the demand for authenticity, this new environment requires organizations across all sectors to evaluate — and continually re-evaluate — what it means to be an employer of choice.

The ever-changing world we live in calls for an evolved approach: from letting go of “employer brand” as a distinct concept to shifting the traditional way an Employee Value Proposition is defined. The new EVP reflects the rise of brand power and the reputation-defining importance of the employee and candidate experience. Starting with an authentic definition of the brand promise to talent, today’s EVP must be supported with clear objectives and communication strategies that inspire and compel both internal and external audiences.

If you are currently considering updating your Employee Value Proposition, you are not alone. You are among many employers who are acting on the urgent need to modernize their EVP to function in today’s age of shifting employee expectations.

The ‘Unlock the Power of Your EVP’ report by FleishmanHillard examines how organizations can unlock the potential of their Employee Value Proposition by noting how it is different from an employer brand, exploring what authentic Employee Value Proposition articulation looks like, and proposing how employers can activate their Employee Value Proposition more effectively to supercharge business returns.

With thoughtful analysis of the current talent landscape and compelling perspectives that shed new light on the topic of Employer Brand and EVP, the call to action is clear: it’s time to act on EVP.  For support in developing a customized approach to your EVP, reach out to FleishmanHillard’s Talent + Transformation team.

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