To drive business performance, we must master cultural alchemy


To drive business performance, we must master cultural alchemy

Today’s business leaders are facing chronic disruption — inflation and cost pressures, AI and the digital revolution, geopolitical instability and societal issues. It’s taking a toll on business performance and heightening the pressure to transform, now and for the future, in an environment where the expectation is to somehow deliver more with less.

Data shows that the most pressing challenge for global executive leaders is staying profitable in a difficult climate amid fierce competition. But maintaining morale and retaining staff – both essential for productivity and profit – aren’t far behind. To manage these priorities many leaders are re-examining their business culture with a view to improving business performance and driving stronger results.

While there’s no question that the right culture can help achieve a business objective, there is no such thing as a ‘performance culture’ (or for that matter, an ‘innovation culture’ or a ‘growth culture’). The fact is, while a business’s objective might be singular, culture – as a means of getting there – is never just one thing. It’s always a combination of elements.

This is why cultural alchemy is the key to achieving inimitable competitive advantage. Read more about how cultural alchemy can help you unlock the power of your culture and get back to impact below.


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