Companies need to prepare for more scrutiny on their environmental performance

There is no doubt about it, 2021 is the year of climate milestones, headlined by COP26 in November, with public and corporate engagement on the subject of climate action growing around the world.

Companies need to prepare for more scrutiny than ever on their environmental performance – even if they doing good things to reduce their climate impact

This year’s Authenticity Gap research shows nearly two-thirds of consumers believe that for a company to be more credible than its competitors, it must talk about its behaviour and impact on society and the environment, not just the customer benefits it offers. 

An even higher percentage (73%) believe CEOs should have an active voice to support and influence environmental issues and policy changes.  

Watch Michael Hartt, senior partner and head of international affairs as he discusses what consumers want to see from brands to believe they are credible in their approach to tackling the climate emergency.

Download the full Authenticity Gap report here and explore the research data through our dedicated trend tool. The research surveyed 10,000 informed consumers in five markets, polling their experiences and expectations of over 200 companies across 20 sectors.

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