Issues management — security and data privacy

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.

This major new European privacy law radically reframed consumers’ relationship with the organisations that store and process their personal data.  

For consumers, the introduction of GDPR was seen as an important and much-needed step, following increasing levels of concerns about issues of privacy and security of personal data. 

In this year’s Authenticity Gap Report, we saw that nearly seven in 10 consumers have high expectations of companieswanting them to not just meet regulations like GDPR but actually go above and beyond when it comes to data and consumer protection practices.

In fact, security and privacy are top of the list of things consumers care about and expect companies to act on.  Over half of respondents stated privacy concerns have made them less likely to use products or services from companies even if they feel their data is being used for their own benefit.

Senior partner and EMEA crisis lead, Judith Moore, discusses how consumer expectations of security and data privacy have shifted during the pandemic and what companies need to do to be prepared for when a crisis hits.


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