Better together: The Top 3 collaborations announced at Money20/20 Europe

Last week, after over 500 days of global lockdowns, the annual Money20/20 Europe conference returned.

Bringing together more than 4,000 people from over 1,500 companies; the show in Amsterdam, once again, is shaping the future of money.

From tiny fintech start-ups to incumbent banking giants, global leaders to innovators and disruptors, they all gathered to meet, debate and of course – announce new initiatives.

Back in our 2020, ‘Fintech Driving Global Change’ report, Money20/20 President Tracey Davies said that “collaboration is our strongest response to the speed of change we’re all seeing”. One year later, that certainly rings true.

So, what were the most talked-about collaborations that came out of the world’s premier fintech event?

Our team conducted social listening and in-depth analysis of Money20/20 Europe with our research arm, TRUE Global Intelligence to find out.

Number 1: Metal Pay launches its European waitlist with Railsbank

One small step for Metal, one giant leap for crypto-kind…

Metal Pay is a peer-to-peer payment app enabling blockchain-based payments, which rewards users with crypto for each transaction. Headquartered in the US, it launched its European waitlist at the show.

This is enabled by a technological and regulatory partnership with London-based banking-as-as-service company, Railsbank, and may even enable Metal to enter the Australian and Asian markets in the future. Metal’s vision is to make cryptocurrency easy and accessible and charges 1% fees or less for buying and selling crypto.

It may not be long before Europeans are as familiar with crypto wallets as they are with ApplePay.

Number 2: QNTMPAY partners with Railsbank to push into the ‘fan economy’

Same business, very different game. The ‘fan economy’ is worth £8.5 billion a year in the UK alone, and QNTMPAY – the official banking partner of McLaren F1 – is looking to tap into it in the UK with Railsbank’s help.

CEO of Railsbank, Nigel Verdon, joined QNTMPAY founder, Adam Pearsall, and McLaren Automotives CMO, Gareth Dunsmore, on the main stage to announce that they will be taking it up a gear to enhance the Formula 1 fan experience by offering new rewards…

…and even McLaren Mastercard branded debit cards!

Number 3: Is Nexi working on a digital euro with the European Central Bank?

In July, the European Central Bank got tongues wagging by announcing the launch of the investigation phase of a digital euro project.

During an interview at Money20/20, Nexi’s CEO, Paolo Bertoluzzo, claimed that the Italian payment group is contributing to the design, which rapidly hit headlines in CNBC and Reuters.

Nexi have subsequently retreated on this claim, with External Affairs Director, Saverio Tridico, saying there have been no ‘formal’ talks…

Darcy Ramsden, Account Manager


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