PRedicting 2019: What's next for... Analytics & Measurement?

A true reflection of PR’s power

Real PR attribution. The media intelligence and evaluation industry has been trending this way for a few years now, but in 2019 expect all the major media measurement providers – Cision, Carma and Kantar Media – to be offering PR evaluation platforms that link brand/company media coverage to a brand/company’s website.

So, why now, or more precisely, what took so long? There are a couple factors driving the trend. Non-legacy companies, mainly from the tech and SaS space, have entered the arena over the last few years so there is an element of playing catch up. But from where I sit, the biggest driver of this trend is that clients are demanding it and, with this shift, PR and comms professional will have a stronger seat at the marketing table.

But don’t expect companies to stop with attribution. Automation and integration with social, influencer and media contact databases are also on the horizon, which means one day you could be doing all your media pitching, influencer engagement and measurement in one, seamless dashboard.

Ben Levine, Head of Research, Analytics & Measurement