PRedicting 2019: What's next for... Luxury Communications?

The influencer game gets real

In 2019 we predict a shift away from global faces and mainstream influencers like Chiara Ferragni from the luxe sector. As an industry we have created a monster when it comes to endorsements and the use of talent.  As a result, the use of celebs and influencers is often portrayed in a less authentic way. Take for example fragrances, one moment we see an influencer invited to launch or a Hollywood actress as the face for a brand and the next moment the same stars are seen on yet another fragrance campaign.

We know that we can essentially buy reach so the role for luxe communications is to find those influencers who are genuinely credible for the brand. Consumers will gravitate to ‘influencers’ who have a real skill, profession or specific knowledge to help change perception or consideration. This could be mixologists/Michelin chefs creating bespoke experiences for a drinks brand or even politicians aligning themselves with brands making similar stands.

Sherawaye Hagger, Luxury and Premium Lead