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Behind-the-scenes at FleishmanHillard UK: Part Two

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Nurtured into the perfect role 

This is the second interview in a four-part series scratching beneath the surface of what it is like to work at FleishmanHillard UK.   

Portrait image of FleishmanHillard's TJ JordanTJ Jordan joined FleishmanHillard UK in 2019 and works as part of our creative team where he supports clients such as Krispy Kreme, AT&T and Conservation International. Having initially joined the agency as part of the graduate programme, TJ quickly progressed to a senior account executive role in our Social and Innovation team before transitioning to the Creative & Planning team. He shares how our company culture and management structure allowed him to find his feet and enhance his skills in the areas that he is passionate about.   

What first attracted you to work for FleishmanHillard?  

FleishmanHillard initially appealed because of its huge global presence and its broad range of clients. I felt like at the time for me, that was ideal. I didn’t want to be in a specialised sector, so it made sense for me to cut my teeth in a more generalised space, with room to grow.    

What were your initial impressions of FleishmanHillard?  

When I first applied, there was something immediately friendly and welcoming about the whole application process. Compared to other assessment days and graduation programme applications that I had done. Other places felt very intense with exams, but I remember having a lovely time at FleishmanHillard, and just thinking at the time that this feels like somewhere I could be happy.  

How does FleishmanHillard support young talent starting out in the agency? 

It’s a very supportive and encouraging environment. One where everyone is approachable and willing to help. The senior people always make time for you and mentor junior staff, I have no hesitation in pinging a note to anyone in the company asking for help on something, or to meet for a coffee to discuss work I’m interested in. I can’t imagine anyone ever saying no and it works the other way too, where I receive emails from colleagues, or they take me aside to discuss a piece of work and offer feedback and advice. 

How did you end up working in the creative team? 

As soon as I realised that I had a passion for the creative side of the business, I was given more freedom to explore that, even though it wasn’t a central part of my job at the time. Our creative directors would often pull me into ideation sessions to help build up my skills and experience. When the opportunity arose to move across to that full-time, I was supported and nurtured with training and mentoring. Including completing our Creative Apprentice Programme. I think it would have been difficult for me to have the job I have now without all those internal training opportunities. 

What do you enjoy about your role?  

The variety and broad spectrum of projects that I get to work on. It’s quite difficult to get bored, especially being part of the creative team as we’re a central team so we deliver work for all the account teams, and we get pulled into all their briefs. Even though I have a couple of clients that I work on quite consistently like AT&T and Krispy Kreme, everything else orbits around that, but there’s always one or two other interesting things to get your teeth into. The flexibility, versatility and mixing up and matching of projects is great.   

Do you see your future at FleishmanHillard?  

I certainly can’t see myself leaving anytime soon. The creative team is very tight-knit and I enjoy working with them. The agency has recently invested more in creating a solid central creative team function. We have expanded and grown, and I feel like we’re building something special together, it’s great to be a part of that. 

If TJ’s experience of working for FleishmanHillard UK gets you excited about your next career move, find out more about FleishmanHillard UK’s Graduate & Emerging Talent programme and creative careers.

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