What is it like to work at FleishmanHillard?

Behind-the-scenes at FleishmanHillard UK: Part One

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What is it like to work for a PR agency that is at the top of its game?

After sweeping the board with Agency of the Year awards in 2021, we wanted to showcase some of the stellar talent that helped us achieve that status.

In a new four-part series of interviews, we go behind the scenes and chat with employees who share what it’s like to work at FleishmanHillard UK.  

Portrait image of FleishmanHillard's Deborah NazarethDeborah Nazareth, a director, works as part of our tech team and has been with the company for eight years. She makes a compelling case for how the company culture reflects her values. Which includes a work-life balance that is underpinned by empathy, flexibility and a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.  

What has been one of the main drivers of you choosing to stay at FleishmanHillard over the past eight years?  

For me personally, one of the big reasons is the work-life balance, which is incredible. I have three children and over the years, FleishmanHillard has taken a holistic view of me as an employee that encompasses both home and work life. During my time here, I’ve been able to work part-time and full-time as and when I’ve needed to. I was also able to work from home a couple of days a week, and this was long before the pandemic-driven hybrid working.  

How does the type of client work keep you motivated?  

Personally, I find the work really interesting and challenging. We’re not doing the same things again and again for clients, year in, year out. We are offering new ideas and changing things up and that makes me want to stay. I know that there’s going to be new challenges around the corner.  

What role does the company culture take in ensuring a positive working experience?  

The culture is so important. I have worked in many other places, honestly, I would say pretty much everywhere I’ve worked people have been friendly and they’ve been fun, but here people are that and they’re really, really empathetic, and supportive. That empathy is embedded in the culture. One of our company values is about owning your impact and I think that comes through and makes FleishmanHillard a nicer place to work because we do consider each other.   

What importance is placed on diversity and inclusion?   

We have a goal at the agency which is to become the most diverse and inclusive agency in the UK. We’re on a journey – I’m not pretending D&I is easy. But that idea of owning your own impact goes straight to the heart of it, for everyone. Our diversity and inclusion steering group is very active with a whole range of initiatives from commitments, policies and education to very practical things like ‘Lunch and Learns’, and ‘FleishmanHillard Shares’, and we’re empowered to call people out on any inappropriate behaviour wherever we see it.  

How does the company support the mental health and wellbeing of employees?  

We have a mental health subgroup which is part of the diversity and inclusion steering group. The group is really focused on helping employees with their mental wellbeing, and in ensuring that employees who may be struggling with mental health challenges are understood. We aim to provide support for everybody.   

What are you most looking forward to over the coming months or even years at FleishmanHillard?  

Winning new and exciting technology clients, expanding the team, and working with new people and learning from them. I’m also looking forward to this new phase of hybrid working because I think we’re set up well for it.   

Finally, I think that as an agency we’re kind of at a tipping point. We’ve done fantastic work, we’ve won Agency of the Year and many other awards. We’re in such a strong position to continue to do that leading work and our clients trust us. We have access to fantastic talent across the whole Group that isn’t just the PR discipline. We have strong bonds with our colleagues around the world and I think there are some amazing things that we’re going to be able to do in the future.   

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