Culture Trends Report 2021 – The Cultural Rate of Covid

Introducing our latest trend report, ‘The cultural rate of Covid’, authored by Head of Consumer and Brand Marketing, EMEA Lauren Winter.

The report looks at how the cultural landscape has mutually shaped and been shaped by COVID-19 and how brands can understand the cultural shifts to have a dialogue with consumers with a new mindset.

People took stock. They irrevocably changed. The new normal was ushered in. But …the wave of human resistance to change is ever-present, yet change is the one constant we can rely on.

As many realise that adoption was critical to survival of the physical and mental aspects of life, we’ve also seen that 2020 was the start of something new.

As we step into 2021 with a state of realisation, brands need to get on board with the cultural rate at play.

The five steps of consumer recovery
1. Reset
2. Restore
3. Resilience
4. Re-learn
5. Re-emerge

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