Gender pay gap podcast: Interview with Zoe Williams

As we start to review gender pay gap data again for the next reporting cycle in April, many are likely thinking about how to avoid the spotlight, with the hope that other items on the UK news agenda – namely Brexit – will remain the focus.

But, expectations from consumers today demand that as an important social issue, the GPG isn’t brushed under the carpet. In fact, recent findings from our Authentic Insights report reveal the GPG is now one of the top three issues that UK consumers expect companies to take action on, along with other workplace issues such as income gaps, executive pay, diversity and sexual harassment.

Although only a year has passed since the first UK gender pay gap reporting deadline, figures may not have changed drastically so companies need to be prepared to outline a clear plan for how they will be addressing the issue.

In our newest podcast, Stephanie Bailey, Managing Director of Corporate Communications spoke to Guardian Columnist Zoe Williams on the issues of gender equality and what companies can do to approach their gender pay gap report.

The pair discuss the perceptions of the gender pay gap and what companies can really do to shift the conversation around it. They focus on the need for a culture shift in a traditional office and what businesses who want to be brave will do.

If you would like help with your gender pay gap report, please get in touch with Stephanie directly or follow FleishmanHillard Fishburn on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the agency and to get access to our upcoming research on authenticity first.