The Dying Days of Spin: An Authentic Insights Report

The only constant is change

In a world of Brexit and Trump, fake news and data breaches, climate change and corporate activism, being able to cut through the noise and deliver an authentic message, with purpose, meaning and sincerity is a valuable currency.

The issues that society is choosing to confront and correct are growing in number, perceived importance and anticipated rate of change. This is both a fact to be celebrated as well as one to be cognisant of as a business. Opportunity thrives when change is present and it is the prerogative of companies to take stock of where they stand, how they will stand for issues and their strategy to build an authentic voice.

Customers, consumers and clients are increasingly expecting more from companies. And this not solely a purview of millennials. This is transcending generations. It is not simply business as normal anymore, firms must take proactive, measurable and meaningful action on social, political and cultural issues.

The latest research by TRUE Global Intelligence was conducted to gain a better understanding of quickly changing corporate environments where there is a fine line between tasteful corporate activism and perceived corporate opportunism.

The rapidity at which issues emerge, evolve and proliferate around the world is wholly unprecedented, and sets this new generation of engagement apart from others. The polarisation of perspectives they produce and the growing expectation that companies have a voice is indicative that society as a whole is looking for more robust leadership and delivery of social value. Standing by is no longer an option. In fact, our research shows that the risks associated with doing just that are not feasible in any risk matrix.

  • Cut out the spin: Consumers can see through a company’s attempts to window-dress.
  • Lead the way: Consumers expect companies and their CEOs to take the lead of issues that are important to them.
  • Don’t just talk, act: When consumers find an issue important to them, it is crucial that companies back their messaging with action.

4 in 5 UK consumers have stopped using a product or service because a company’s response to an issue did not support their view

How companies respond to perceived wrongs and mistakes has changed drastically as a result of the 24-hour news cycle, the always-on press room and the ability to communicate directly with customers. In this report you will find insights that can help your company to understand what matters most to your customers, what they expect from the companies they purchase products from and how companies can best ensure that they are framing their messaging and actions in an appropriate and engaging manner.

This report is about mitigating your risk and capitalising on opportunity. The following will give you insights into how consumers think, react and most importantly, what they expect from you.

“As is evidenced by the quickly changing corporate and social environment, the only constant is change.”

In the following report you will find a dive into the data, a snapshot of stakeholder attitudes and a guiding compass for you and your company to weather the uncertainty that is inherent in this new age of corporate engagement.

We at FleishmanHillard hope this report helps you to develop an authentic, meaningful and impactful corporate strategy for purposeful engagement.

Authenticity is the heart of a successful corporate campaign; take a stand, make a difference and be authentic.

These are the dying days of spin. Download the report now.