Let's Get Together - Issue One of We Are All Investors

Your company’s investors are more than your financial shareholders, they’re also your customers, your employees, your stakeholders, even the media.

Of course, this has always been true. But today, it’s truer than ever.

And this is why we believe your reporting communications, your purpose, your brand, your employee engagement and your corporate communications should be aligned to create a sum greater than its parts.

Due to our belief in this alignment, we’ve created something that brings thought leadership of all five disciplines together.

In our first issue of We Are All Investors we collate some articles we’re proud of from the past year along with some new thinking for you. In it we cover topics such as the ‘millennial manifesto’, how to build investor confidence and what we believe are the ingredients to world-class reporting communications.

You can download the first issue for free here.

Nick Rose, Head of Reporting Communications