My #LISTENINGFACE: Lauren Winter

In our latest #LISTENINGFACE article we speak to Head of Consumer and Brand Marketing EMEA, Lauren Winter on how well she listens…

Describe your listening face.

My listening face doesn’t look like a listening face at all. In fact I’ll probably be doodling, looking about, fiddling with my pen/clothes/hair/you! I like to move around and at pace. So when I’m really listening, I’m fidgeting too -no offence intended but it helps focus my mind.In summary, I may be acting like an extra from Footloose but I can assure you my inner thoughts are purely focused on YOU.

Recount a time you listened to somebody.

I work in human behaviour and what makes people tick. I’d like to think I’m always listening (watching, looking, feeling). It’s that intense interest in other people and what they want that makes me so happy in my job. I get to work with big brands and give the people what they are looking for!

Recount a time somebody listened to you.

I talk very quickly. I often think people find it hard to really listen to what I’m trying to convey. Note to self -must talk more slowly.

A time you didn’t listen.

I don’t listen to people when they focus on the negative. As that kid said ‘I’m just blocking out the haters’

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