My #LISTENINGFACE: Christopher Onderstall

In this article of our series on #LISTENINGFACE we speak to Social & Innovation Lead Christopher Onderstall about his intent listening…

Describe your listening face.

My #LISTENINGFACE is sure to confuse, many mistakenly think I’m either very annoyed or judging them harshly for their statements. Usually it’s simply that all my brain capacity is tuned to listening intently, it’s hard for most to tell the difference between my different faces.

Recount a time you listened to somebody.

I’ve recently been trained on debriefing others on their workplace energy drivers, the session centres around simply asking a series of connected questions. I’ve been blown away by how insightful and thoughtful people’s responses have been when you simply listen, and sometimes leave bigger gaps of silence.

Recount a time somebody listened to you.

I love quoting an interesting or insightful fact, some of my favourite moments are anytime I hear them quoted back.

A time you didn’t listen.

I vaguely remember the doctor giving a speech on why I had to keep my arm still after injury for 4 weeks, I wish I had listened…

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