In our latest #LISTENINGFACE post we speak to Managing Director of Corporate, Steph Bailey and find out how she is foiled by those who listen to her most….

Describe your listening face

The only time I am still is when I listen, and yet because my face is pretty expressive you can still read exactly what I am thinking. So my #listeningfacecan be grumpy, cheeky or serious–often though I’m just trying not to give the game away.

Recount a time you listened to somebody

My grandmother was a great storyteller, she was funny and charismatic and knew how to captivate an audience. Her biggest challenge was that she was born in a time when opportunities were few and far between for girls from Yorkshire, otherwise I imagine she would have had a very different kind of life. I loved her tales, always listening.

Recount a time somebody listened to you

‘I know you better than you know yourself’ – so says my daughter who listens attentively every time I speak. Most times it’s charming as she feeds off tales of my childhood and family but it can trip me up when she recalls promises and tricks, catching me out on the details when I try to avoid judgement.

A time you didn’t listen

My biggest professional mistake was when I failed to listen and the worst thing was that in this instance I failed to listen to myself. My instinct told me that the job wasn’t right, the culture was all wrong, it was the wrong fit. I didn’t listen.

Instinct is a powerful thing, it pays to listen to it.

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