EVP and Employer Branding

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EVP & Employer Branding at FleishmanHillard UK

The rules of engagement between employers and employees have been re-written, reinforced by a pandemic that has put the conduct of employers firmly under the spotlight, ushered in a new era of hybrid work and lifted the expectations of employees to new heights.

As a result of this new dynamic and amidst a ‘permacrisis’ of external pressures, it’s never been tougher for employers to effectively attract, engage and retain talent. Yet every employer has a key resource at their disposal to stay ahead of these ever-evolving challenges – their Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

At FleishmanHillard, we believe that an EVP is a crucial strategic tool that organisations can deploy internally and externally, not only to meet their talent objectives, but to manage and build reputation.

Our unique approach to helping organisations to define and deliver on their EVP is rooted in the belief that when viewed as a strategic brand platform that captures the brand promise to talent, the EVP sets out the vision for employee and candidate experience. Fulfilling that promise requires an integrated effort from multiple arms of the organization, and if done effectively, can deliver the cultural, performance and reputational gains that define employers of choice.

And, while the terms ‘Employer Brand’ and ‘EVP’ are often used interchangeably, we believe that ‘Employer Brand’ is no longer relevant for today’s business world. You only have one brand: what the world, employees and prospective talent see and interact with. As such, organisations should focus on expressing their brand promise to talent audiences through their EVP and think carefully about how to bring these commitments to life.

As experts in transformation communications and the employee audience, our global network of Talent & Transformation (“T+T”) counsellors is uniquely placed to provide support across the entire EVP lifecycle; including EVP articulation, internal and external communications strategies, tactical activation via talent attraction campaigns, employee engagement and employee communications.

Front cover of the FleishmanHillard Unlock The Power of Your EVP ReportRead our report: ‘Unlock the power of your EVP’  

‘Unlock the power of your EVP’ examines the urgent need for employers to re-evaluate their EVP. With thoughtful analysis of the current talent landscape and compelling perspectives that shed new light on the topic of Employer Brand and EVP, the call to action is clear: it’s time to act on EVP.  


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

EVP articulation via proprietary tools and methodologies

Messaging and creative development

Communications strategies for employees and prospective talent

EVP measurement

Tactical activations and integrated social & digital campaigns

Change communications and employee engagement

Consultancy on diversity, equity & inclusion strategy


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