Davos 2023 Wrap-up

Catch up on the goings on at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, Davos 2023 from our team of FleishmanHillard WEF watchers who had their finger on the pulse of all the key news and developments from the global conference.

Davos Digest 2023: Issue One

In the highest town in Europe, a rare winter heatwave has resulted in dwindling snow atop the craggy Swiss mountain peaks. A telling backdrop for this year’s Davos, where the climate crisis will inevitably be high on the agenda. As arguably the most highly anticipated event in the global economic calendar, it’s being seen as the first proper summit since 2020, which took place just days before the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global health emergency.

Find out more about what’s in store in Davos this week on Day 1 of our Davos Digest. You’ll find the latest news and views coming out of the summit, as well as insights and analysis from some of our FleishmanHillard experts from across the globe and in attendance at this historic event.

Davos Digest 2023: Issue Two

Davos got underway on Monday 16th January and the opening ceremony was sprinkled with a handful of stardust. The 28th Annual Crystal Awards honoured actors Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba, artist and activist Maya Lin, and soprano Renée Flemin for their environmental and humanitarian work. The Elbas asked for more investment, rather than aid, for the world’s poorest countries.

Check out the latest events in Davos on Day 2 of our Davos DigestStay in touch with the news, views and reporting coming out of the summit, with insights and analysis from FleishmanHillard experts from across the globe and on the ground in Switzerland.

Davos Digest 2023: Issue Three

We’ve already reached the halfway mark at Davos – boy, time flies when you’re trying to fix the world – and there’s so much more to discuss.

On Wednesday, more than 200 millionaires and billionaires, including Disney heiress Abigail Disney and actor Mark Ruffalo, called on the Davos elite to tackle extreme wealth. In an open letter, they asked governments to “tax us, the ultra-rich, now” to help billions of people struggling with the cost of living crisis. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

Despite the chill, things are hotting up in Davos. You can find out more in this latest edition of the Davos Digest. Announcements and denouncements from the summit, analysed by our FleishmanHillard experts from across the globe and the Swiss mountains.

Davos Digest 2023: Issue Four

Our latest must-read instalment is kicking off with a decidedly green agenda and an attack on the conference’s elite crowd.

Greta Thunberg created more headlines on Thursday when she and fellow activists confronted the man in charge of regulating global energy at a Fridays For Future debate. Thunberg argued it’s “absurd” to be listening to the people who are the main perpetrators of the climate crisis. It’s to be confirmed, whether she grabbed popcorn for Oliver Stone’s new movie promoting nuclear power, which played to a packed audience at Davos.

You’ll find everything you need to know and more in the latest issue of the Davos Digest.

Davos Digest 2023: Issue Five

It’s been a hectic week for our team of avid WEF watchers, exploring the hottest events, announcements and even scandals amongst the super-rich and the über-powerful at the first proper Davos since the pandemic.

An inevitably sombre agenda this year, tackling everything from war and climate catastrophe to energy price chaos and widening inequity. There were major job cuts at tech giants, attacks on profit over people and the planet, and the conspicuous absence of top-tier heads of state. But hope was the surprise guest at Davos, as the elite crowd also expressed optimism about the recent slowdown in inflation, a bounce back from coronavirus, and adjustment to the impact of the war in Ukraine.

But it’s not over yet. In this issue of Davos Digest, hear global perspectives on the ‘Swiss summit of all summits’ from our experts across the FleishmanHillard network.

Davos Digest 2023: Issue Six

It was an intense week at Davos, with a mountain of meetings, a profusion of schmoozing, and opulent parties aplenty. But the great and the good are now home, as everyone reflects on what the week meant for politics, people, and the planet. 

Now it’s time to look back at those last five days and explore the stories that stole the headlines and stormed social. 

Following our specialist sector news and global perspectives over the past five issues, this latest instalment of Davos Digest features analysis from FleishmanHillard’s research and measurement practice, TRUE Global Intelligence. Check out what news and events captured the imagination of the world’s press and drove the greatest volume and engagement across key social platforms.

Davos Reflections 2023

It was basically a case of ‘less talk, more action’ says director, International Affairs Mike Kelly as he shares his experiences and insights into the media scene at this year’s World Economic Forum annual meeting in Reflections from Davos: An Evolving Summit.

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