Cannes Lions 2022: Day 3 Round-up

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022 - FleishmanHillard Round-up

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Things you need to know from Day 3 of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022

Here were the big winners from Day Three which celebrated impeccable creative execution across a range of design and content categories. 

The Unfiltered History Tour, Vice World News, Dentsu Creative Bengaluru (Grand Prix, Brand Experience and Activation)

This was the second Grand Prix of the week for the campaign which took viewers into the history of disputed artefacts in the British Museum via augmented reality and immersive audio. Users scanned the artefacts, such as the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon marbles, unlocking an AR that took them back into the time when they were acquired, and then could listen to podcasts from experts in the countries from which they were taken. The judges said it won because it was a big idea that you could summarize in a tweet, a platform idea that was bold, and an immaculate and immersive execution. 

One House to Save Many, Suncorp Group, Leo Burnett Sydney (Grand Prix, Innovation)

In recent years, Australians have weathered frequent natural disasters from bushfires to floods and storms, leaving a trail of damaged property in its wake. Insurance company Suncorp worked with Leo Burnett, The Glue Society, housing resilience experts James Cook University and architects to design, test and prototype the One House – capable of withstanding fire, flood and cyclone. The house featured in a documentary on Channel Nine with the chance for people to experience building features online to integrate into their own homes. 

Contract for Change, Michelob Ultra, FCB Chicago USA (Grand Prix, Creative Effectiveness)

Only 1% of US. farmland is organic. The reason? Going organic is extremely challenging for struggling family farms. FCB Chicago USA helped Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold take on the mission of transforming America’s agriculture with Contract for Change: an agreement that farmers sign today that guarantees them a buyer in three years when their organic transition is complete, removing the biggest barrier. Contract for Change was offered to all American farmers. 104,000 acres are in transition today and will soon produce ingredients for Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold and countless other brands. 

Piñatex, Dole Sunshine Company, Ananas Anam (Grand Prix, Creative Business Transformation)

One of the largest producers of pineapples in the world, Dole Sunshine Company, partnered with startup Ananas Anam to produce Piñatex, a vegan, sustainable leather alternative made from the fibre of pineapple leaves from farmers in the Philippines that would otherwise go to waste. Major fashion brands including Hugo Boss, H&M and Nike have signed up to use the material. The jury conducted extra research in which it saw that Dole has made $100 million in revenue from the venture, and Piñatex is now used by over 1,000 brands globally, creating a win for the Dole, retailers, farmers and the planet. 

RealTone, Google, Mountain View, T Brand Studio, Widen + Kennedy Portland, GUT Miami (Grand Prix, Mobile)

Google won the top prize for its Real Tone software and accompanying ad. Real Tone is an imaging technology that ensures mobile cameras can accurately capture different skin tones. To create awareness of the issue of image equity, Google worked with T Brand Studio and Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Gut to launch a Super Bowl commercial which began with poorly shot images of people in a variety of skin tones. The ad resulted in an 86% increase in searches for the Google Pixel 6 and a 400% increase in store traffic as well as being the No.1 Super Bowl spot with over 1,000 published articles.

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