Cannes Lions 2022: Day 2 Round-up

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022 - FleishmanHillard Round-up

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Things you need to know from Day 2 of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022

Ellie Tuck FleishmanHillard UK

Ellie Tuck, Creative Director & Partner at FleishmanHillard UK

Cannes Lions Day 2 awarded creativity within the Industry Craft, Digital Craft, Film Craft, Design, Entertainment, Entertainment for Media and Entertainment for Sport categories. Check out the full list of Grand Prix winners.

The big winners from Day 2 celebrated impeccable creative execution across a range of design and content categories.

NikeSync, Nike, R/GA London (Grand Prix, Entertainment Lions for Sport)

Some fitness brands take a just “shrink it, pink it” approach when marketing to women. But not Nike. The brand created the world’s first cycle syncing training to help educate women about harnessing the power of their menstrual cycle. It partnered with leading physiologist, Stacy Sims to help women optimise every cycle phase with tailored workouts on the Nike Training Club app. The result? +60% engagement (vs. average) and +199% female retained members weekly.

This is not America ft. IBEYIResidente, Doomsday Entertainment Los Angeles (Grand Prix, Entertainment Lions for Music) *DISCLAIMER: EXPLICIT CONTENT

“An extremely powerful statement on socio-economic and culture from an underserved community” – Entertainment Lions for Music jury president, BBH US CEO Amani Duncan. Rapper, Residente takes aim at violence and arrogance in this explicit music video. The jury president said it was a ‘surprising contender’ and praised the video for its ‘stunning visuals and incredible production quality’. 

Hope Reef, Mars (Sheba), AMV BBDO London (Grand Prix, Industry Craft)

The world’s coral is dying – 90% of reefs face extinction within 20 years. Mars Petcare brand, Sheba – committed to conserving coral reefs – launched the world’s largest coral restoration program. The brand built a living, thriving coral reef in Indonesia. Spelling out ‘HOPE’, the reef is the first Outdoor to be visible on Google Earth (and ‘diveable’ on Street View). Coverage for coral increased by 6900%. Fish populations have grown by 300%. In two years, the coral reef has gone from 99% dead to 70% alive. The campaign ROI was 308%. 

The Wish, German Supermarket chain Penny’s, Serviceplan (Grand Prix, Film Craft)

The Wish finds a mother and son sitting at their dining room table as he asks her what she really wants for Christmas. She tells him she wants him to go enjoy life since Covid-19 had restricted him to stay home for 18 months. The film racked up over 4 million organic views on YouTube in its first week on the site. Film Craft Lions jury president, Patrick Milling-Smith, co-founder and global CEO at Smuggler, commended the global relatability of the work. “[‘The Wish’] grabbed you and took you on an emotional journey … It’s universal, timeless. There’s a permanence to it,” he said. “It was also one of the few Covid-19 pieces that spoke to a truth,” he added, also mentioning that, while technology is great, it shouldn’t trump craft.

Backup Ukraine, UNESCO/Blue Shield Denmark, Virtue Worldwide (Grand Prix, Digital Craft)

Backup Ukraine ran across digital and mobile. It’s a tool that allows those in Ukraine to digitally capture in high-resolution 3D imagery, monuments and artefacts, large and small, that are under threat of destruction in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War. Jury President Luciana Haguiara, executive creative director at Media.Monks Brazil, “We chose this piece because it’s a message we can send to the industry that we have all the tools to act really fast and solve problems for real.” The idea preserves culture, “the identity of a people, and it can be destroyed—that’s why we loved this piece so much.” 

Portuguese (Re)constitution, Penguin Books, FCB Lisboa (Grand Prix, Design)

This campaign saw the literal redrawing of the Portuguese Constitution of 1933. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of the fascist regime, the constitution was re-released as a book of poems and illustrations, using the technique of ‘blackout poetry’ along with the blue pencil – a symbol of censorship under the dictatorship – to create beautiful imagery. It’s the first Grand Prix in the history of Cannes to be won by a Portuguese agency. 

Cannes Lions Day 2 also saw the Young Lions PR winners, judged by FleishmanHillard CEO UK & Middle East, Jim Donaldson, announced – see the Gold, Silver and Bronze entries in response to a brief set by UNESCO.

The winners of the PR Lions are announced tomorrow, check out the shortlist.

Stay tuned for another Cannes Lions round-up tomorrow!

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