PRedicting 2019: What's next for...Technology Communications?

More morality, not features

Although the pace of technological change has never been this fast, it’s equally true that it will never be this slow again. And, as technology continues to evolve, the way people talk, think and feel about it evolves, too. Whatever happens in 2019 and beyond, technology will continue to surprise and challenge us.

The good news is that brands are becoming increasingly adept at managing that change and helping their audiences comprehend and thrive in a world that is transforming around them. Our new report, Tech trends 2019: the fads, the fears, the future, is clear that next year’s most successful brands will be those that inform and participate in the debate around them.

Take AI, for example. People out there are tired of hearing simplistic and fearmongering stories about technology replacing their jobs – they want depth, nuance and a real understanding. There’s a gap in the market for brands that can tell a positive and informative story around AI and related technologies that leads to greater understanding of how they can – and will – enhance our lives.

Tech will also do more in 2019 to communicate that it’s a force for good in the world. Data privacy and security concerns will continue to be part of the picture, but the smart brands will put more emphasis on showing how they are working to benefit causes like the environment or our digital health. The public and business won’t get the most out of technology unless they feel it’s secure, works for them and isn’t causing harm – and ensuring this will be the focus of increasingly sophisticated tech communications strategies in 2019.

Claudia Bate, Head of Technology