Sophie Scott

We continue our series of #LISTENINGFACE posts from our senior team with today’s coming from Managing Director of Technology and Strategy, Sophie…

Describe your listening face.

I’m told my listening face mostly consists of a fairly snarly stare. Interspersed with some talking. I should probably work harder at it.

Recount a time somebody listened to you.

I genuinely think people at FHF listen all the time. It’s one of the many reasons I love the company so much. If you have a good plan and it makes sense, no one really ever stops you from doing anything. It’s pretty empowering.

Recount a time you didn’t listen and a time you listened.

I didn’t listen quickly enough when one of our total superstars was frustrated and wanted a change. She subsequently left. It was a massive lesson that you have to listen carefully to your best people. Luckily though, I listened hard to her from then on, and a year later, she came back. That was a massive win for my slightly snarly #LISTENINGFACE.

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