To coincide with the launch of #LISTENINGFACE we’ve interviewed our senior team to ask them what their #LISTENINGFACE looks like! First up, our Executive Creative Director Kev…

Describe your listening face

My #LISTENINGFACE is super intense -like a scowl really. And if I’m not wearing my glasses, the squint makes it even more intense. I could be really enjoying the information being imparted, and in reality I look homicidal. Either that or nodding inanely.

Recount a time you listened to somebody

When I arrived at FH, I committed to listening to absolutely everybody -I wanted to be creative director for the people. The world prefers ideas poured from our FH’s cocktail shaker of experience and expertise -not just my ideas. Rather than one person responsible for creative excellence, we have over 200 in London alone. Helps me sleep better. I thank listening.

Recount a time somebody listened to you

All those wonderful creatures who now use a Creative Brief of course.

A time you didn’t listen.

When I was 25 and decided to leave my first employer, she kept saying, “don’t bother leaving, all agencies are the same any way.” Following periods at Blue Rubicon, Surname & Surname, Bell Pottinger and now FH, I can safely say that is not true. I am very glad I didn’t listen.

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