Why is social media important to young people?

Our client Tata Consultancy Services wanted to change their reputation as being known as an Indian outsourcing company to a European technology industry leader. To help achieve this re-positioning they surveyed some 5,000 young Europeans from 15 countries on the rise of social media. This culminated in the creation of The European Youth Study.

The research aims to communicate its message to employers and business owners; and demonstrates the clear and growing importance of social media at work. Guidance is offered through insight into the intertwined relationship of young people and social media and how this translates within not only a business framework, but within wider public life.

Who is Generation Direct?
The focus of the study, Generation Direct is the first generation to innately understand the usefulness and power of social media. Social media is embedded within the way they think and the way in which they operate in their daily lives. For them, it is a subconscious way of thinking that permeates their approach to their working and personal lives alike. Benefits are extended from resourcing and recruiting to an improved communication and production rate between colleagues.

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Dani Goodley, Account Executive, Creative Strategy