The six quotes you need to know from day one at #SMWLDN

There are a whole host of talks taking place in London over the next two days as part of Social Media Week. From how to connect with audiences in real-time, to how to use customer feedback to generate brand love online, we have been busy visiting a variety of events and have picked out the top six quotes so far that you should know about.

It all kicked off yesterday morning with #smwwhatsnext, hosted by Battenhall:

The use of Twitter often gets pigeon-holed to consumer brands engaging with consumers – this needs to change. The fact that Bloomberg now includes Twitter in its terminals shows that all companies should take the platform seriously. A simple tweet can seriously affect stock prices, so don’t think Twitter is just for consumer brands. On the topic of Twitter, Tariq Slim said:

This just goes to show how far we’ve moved on since having a dedicated mobile strategy. It’s now about mobile first – with so many people glued to the second screen, we have to think about how, when and why we should communicate with people. We’ve moved on from text and photo and now through to video, leading us on to the next quote:

Nathalie Nahai and Phil Nottingham spoke about the marketing conversion funnel, and where video should fit in. When thinking about content, sometimes it’s a case of plaster the same thing everywhere, but to make it more effective, you’ve got to think carefully about the purpose of the video and how it fits the mindset of the end user.

How do you find ideas for content pieces like videos? Lars Silberbauer from LEGO talked about increased marketing efficiency by implementing some constraints. At LEGO they have the $100 campaign, which looks at ways of finding ideas that don’t require huge budget.

Engagement can come from lo-fi ideas that put the audience at heart and despite social networks continually looking to monetise, adding in some constraints to your planning process can yield great results. Speaking of budget…

It’s often a myth that where there’s no budget, look to earned media to plug the gap. This is slowly changing, and the only way to create earned media is by having good quality content that creates a story that people will want to talk about. A recurring theme of today was that once you have this content, you can’t be afraid to spend to have it seen in the right places and at the right times. Why? Because it impacts your brand.

Jochem van Drimmelen from KLM included this slide in his presentation on harnessing customer feedback. Creating good content and thinking about how to tie it into social media is important because if you get it wrong, people will talk about it. Therefore you want to provide moments on social media that will give them something positive to talk about when they’re not online.

Quote from #smwldn

There you have it. That’s just a snapshot of what’s been said today with more to follow tomorrow! What did you think of #smwldn today? Tweet us @fleishmanuk.