The seven quotes you need to know from #SMWLDN day two

Yesterday we brought you the six quotes of the day at Social Media Week. Today we go one better and give you seven! It was another day of impressive talks over at B1, Victoria House for #smwldn, with topics ranging from locating a brand’s presence to establishing mindfulness in the work place. Here is what you should know from today:

Just what is a ‘Responsive Newsroom’? Lots of agencies and brands talk about them, but the folk over at Code + Theory have spent years getting under the skin of editorial newsrooms and offered up the following piece of advice:

This means respecting different disciplines and finding a way to match up culture and beliefs between teams. For example, the editorial and sales teams of a traditional outlet, or a data analyst with a community manager at an agency – for any newsroom to work, there has to be mutual respect.

Dan Gardner from Code + Theory also proffered that you have to pick a very defined audience and go after it. But what exactly should you offer them? Nicolas Roope from Poke London said it comes down to your brand purpose. Your brand purpose helps you to create experiences:

Everything we do should have the concept of creating a meaningful experience for someone at its very core, whether that’s online or offline. There’s no purer experience than staging an event and in the second half of the day a masterclass focussed on how to incorporate social media into events. There was a call on a rebranding of event organisers:

But what does this really mean? This shouldn’t be groundbreaking to anyone reading this. It means placing inspiration at your event or providing something people will naturally talk about. It could be an excellent speaker, a quote in a rest area someone might tweet, a quirky sponsor (Vita Coco got more than one shout out today for providing coconut water) or incorporating a service like Slido to have an interactive Q&A during a talk. For those who don’t make it to your event, there’s just one thing you have to do:

Sound stressful? Well, founder of Unplugged Weekend, Vikki Bates, spoke about money, work and family life being the biggest factors of stress. When you build in the apparent requirement to be always-on, always reactive and always available, it begs a question: how can we stay calm in the modern communications workplace?

Be happy, apparently. To be happy, take some time out, be mindful of your environment and take some practical steps to manage your inbox and your energy. It helps you to stay creative, and as Michael T. Williams put it:

But there’s one final quote that made today. And it’s:

There were so many quotes coming out of the talks that it was sometimes hard to stay abreast of what to really pay attention to. You just have to take one look at this tumblr to see that it wasn’t all insights and light bulb moments.

We hope that this post has helped to provide a bit of context to the thousands of tweets that came out of Social Media Week this year.

What did you think of the day? We’re over @fleishmanuk on Twitter if you’d like to strike up a conversation!