Climate and Sustainability

Climate and Sustainability at FleishmanHillard UK

Businesses, governments, and other organisations are facing – and embracing – a rapidly changing communications landscape on sustainability, environment, and climate issues. Both publicly and privately, they simultaneously face growing pressure and greater scrutiny on the targets they set and action they take.

FleishmanHillard UK’s Climate and Sustainability unit helps clients understand and navigate this complex intersection of their sustainability ambitions, society’s and stakeholders’ expectations, and the associated reputational risks. Using data, insights, and our expertise, we shape and guide authentic communications as companies translate their ambition into action. The result: impactful work that shapes perceptions, protects reputation, creates action, and changes behaviour in measurable ways.

Across carbon reduction, adaptation and resilience, sourcing and supply chains, sustainable energy, plastics and recycling, DE&I and climate justice, global summits like COP28, and many other areas, we understand the urgent issues that affect society and our clients. We take an integrated approach to address them, using experience across corporate reputation, consumer brand communications, public affairs, and digital and social advocacy to deliver creative, strategic programmes in the UK and around the world with London as a hub.

Our Sustainability Approach

Ambition: Helping define organisations’ communications ambitions around sustainability

Audience and landscape analysis & intelligence

Message development

Communications planning

Creative campaign development

Authenticity: Evaluating the authenticity of organisations’ sustainability communications ambitions

Stress testing messaging

Prospecting and assessing partners

Issues and risk mapping

White space validation

Action: Guiding and implementing authentic communications for the right audiences on the right channels

Corporate reputation building

Brand and consumer communications

Integrated earned, paid and promoted campaigning

Public affairs and corporate affairs

Events and milestones (including COP28)

Crisis preparedness and response

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