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Change & Employee Engagement at FleishmanHillard UK

In today’s business environment, it’s no longer an organisation’s strategy that drives success, but the ability to deliver that strategy.  Whether you’re cultivating the ultimate customer experience, winning through ground-breaking innovation, or restructuring to meet market demands, success comes down to human endeavour – people working together to achieve an organisation’s most important goals.

Forward-thinking organisations, therefore, don’t see employee engagement as an end goal in itself. Rather they ask themselves, ‘how can we mobilise our people to deliver meaningful change and, ultimately, business results?’

As the FleishmanHillard UK Talent and Transformation team, this is the challenge that we get out of bed for. We develop communications and change programmes that are informed by audience insight and that shape perceptions, beliefs and behaviours in ways that drive long-term success.

Our approach is informed by a deep understanding of talent management, rooted in established change management methodologies, and infused with the same creative impact traditionally applied to engage external or customer audiences. Our team combines research and analytics specialists, Prosci-accredited change management experts, talent management and internal communications practitioners, channel experts and creatives.

Scenarios when our change and employee engagement communications campaigns and programmes can measurably help organisations to mobilise talent towards business success:

  • Strategic change: pursuing a new strategy; requiring better alignment with current strategy; undergoing executive transitions; rebranding or refreshing
  • Structural change: undergoing mergers, acquisitions or spin-offs; rapidly scaling operations up or down; restructuring, relocating, or closing sites
  • Operational change: digital transformation; re-engineering or processes or operations; introduction of new ways of working
  • Cultural focus: bringing vision, values and purpose to life; ensuring that culture fits with the strategy; enhancing employee experience; attracting new talent
  • Risk and reputation challenges: ethical issues in the workplace; cyber-breaches; reputational issues or societal issues

Case study

A global healthcare company was undergoing a major technology transformation designed to bring teams in the discovery and development process closer together, remove unnecessary delays between stages, and improve overall success rates. Systems were being upgraded, interlinked and bespoke elements added, bringing about a need for new levels of collaboration and engagement.  The introduction of improved reporting and analytics capability required team leaders to understand the value of, and feel empowered by, the new systems to unlock new insights and innovate for efficiencies.

At this business defining moment, FleishmanHillard UK helped the organisation present the complex system change through an easily understandable narrative which was used to articulate the changes across the company. This helped senior executives and business unit leaders embed the new systems and continue to revolutionise the drug discovery and development process.


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