The Youth Report 2023

FleishmanHillard’s global Culture Unit has released its latest report, ‘The Youth Kaleidoscope’ which sees Gen Alpha and Gen Z shapeshifting their quest for balance in today’s tumultuous conditions.

The report’s findings show how the next generation are carving out their own paths, uncovering young people’s complex relationships with the digital age they inhabit, alongside the pressures and anxieties that are informing their mental health across three themes:

  • Mind – Analyzing the landscape and challenges young people are facing around their mental health, from financial anxiety to social media virality.
  • Meta – Exploring the future of how youth audiences will connect with the world and each other, from Web3 to the Metaverse to ChatGPT
  • Why it Matters – How brands can authentically engage with this generation in a way that will move the needle as they define who they are

The Youth Kaleidoscope Report was produced in conjunction with an assortment of talented, perceptive and pioneering young thought leaders from around the world who are using social media to connect with their peers. We teamed up with youth influencer specialists, Youth Marketing Connection, to identify the next wave of expert social media talent across the U.S. and UK who helped us address key themes and topics throughout the report, speaking directly to their audiences to discover their thoughts and feelings. The project also continues our partnership with specialist talent agency Zebedee, to increase the representation of people with disabilities, alternative appearances and trans/non-binary in the media.

Download The Youth Kaleidoscope Report here.