PRedicting 2019: What's next for... Social & Innovation?

Blurring some lines; redrawing others

In 2019, the merging of social and retail will continue. There will be increased emphasis on ‘buy it now’ functionality in social content, with brands looking to focus on how they can create more personalised, conversion-driven content. We will see social platforms continuing to push forward with e-commerce offerings, we may see the launch of Instagram’s rumoured standalone IG Shopping app and Facebook will continue to experiment with innovative ad formats utilising AR amongst other technologies.

Instagram will continue to be the platform to watch in 2019. Stories will continue to evolve to provide more interactive, playful functionality while IGTV will be used by more brands to build meaningful connections with their audience. The brands that succeed here will focus on original storytelling that stays genuine to their mission and uses creativity to help them connect with their audience in unique and surprising ways.

Global brands will also start to look to China to see the future of social, where the lines between e-commerce, mobile and social have already blurred with apps like WeChat truly connecting customers throughout the supply chain.

Claire Twohill, Head of Social & Innovation