TechMunch: Everything you need to know from this year’s Paris Motor Show

As October begins, the petrol heads amongst us look forward to just one thing: The Paris Motor Show.  The event sees manufacturers from all over the world descend upon the city of love to fall ‘head-over-wheels’ for both concept and reality. If you weren’t able to make it this year, here’s everything you need to know:

Electric Cars

With consumers and governments slowly turning away from diesel in recent years, it is unsurprising this years’ Paris Motor Show is all about electric cars. Leading European carmakers such as Mercedes, Renault and Audi are joining the likes of Tesla in introducing a wide range of electric vehicles, focusing on performance, luxury and affordability.

Kia, the classic “reasonably priced car”, has signed up Robert De Niro as the face of its European campaign for the electric version of its Niro crossover, the e-Niro. “The communication plan for the e-Niro will be as special as the car itself,” VP for marketing and product planning at Kia Motors Europe remarked. “These advertisements will draw on Robert De Niro’s unique ability to entertain, as he educates drivers about the e-Niro – a car that breaks down many of the obstacles to electric vehicle ownership in a way that few others have.”

For those who love to spend on speed and classic head-turning beauty, but perhaps lacking in imagination will be pleased with this news. Every 911 generation signs off with a limited run special, often a stripped-out, radical looking Speedster. And here it is. Porsche has confirmed that this year’s concept study will become a production reality, with 1948 units being made to commemorate the year Porsche as we know and love it started building cars.

Concept Cars

It wouldn’t be the Paris Motor Show – or any other auto show, for that matter – without some breathtaking concept cars, and while there weren’t too many at this year’s show, there were undoubtedly a few that stood out from the lot.

Smart’s Forease is, as suggested by its name, a concept car built to provide ease and comfort. Let’s hope that Smart, which this year celebrates 20 years and is planning on going fully electric in Europe by 2020, makes this concept a reality by then too.

One of our favourites however has to be the Mercedes’ EQ Silver Arrow. Potentially the most impressive – as well as the least realistic – of all, this stunning single-seater draws its inspiration from the iconic W125 Grand Prix model.

Must See

Big motor shows often have an underlying narrative, and Paris – appropriately – set itself the challenge of gleaning style out of an electrified and autonomous future that could lead to visual sterility. Fear not. Peugeot elected to embrace the past while firmly addressing what’s next and delivered the car of the show in the process.

Introducing the e-Legend, based on the classic 504, Peugeot has fitted it with the latest technology which gives it the option of autonomous mode. Featuring a 49 inch screen and retractable steering wheel, there isn’t much on this concept that couldn’t exist on production cars of the near future and is definitely our “must see” of the show.


But the Paris Motor Show isn’t all about four wheelers. Peugeot were at it again with their concept vehicles, unveiling the two different formats of their P2X motorcycle. The 125cc version of the P2X takes its style from the Peugeot 515 back from the 1930s, whereas the 300cc café racer version is finished in Peugeot sport colours.

Scooters also managed to grab the headlines, and one range in particular as FH client KYMCO unveiled Ionex Commercial, the next step forward in the company’s mission to transform modern transportation by making the world greener, cities cleaner, and electric a reality with their new charging solution.

Stay tuned for our next blog as we’ll hopefully be heading to Milan next in November!