IFA Insider #3

As we enter the last days of IFA, you may be forgiven for thinking that the excitement is over. Actually there’s still loads to tell you about. Through tomorrow we’ll be bringing the major insights from this year’s IFA, and today’s newsletter includes a review of some of the visual delights from the show.

Health and Beauty

There was a time when technology and health was something no one would comprehend combining at IFA. Today things could not be more different, with technology in our health and beauty products becoming a major standalone category at this year’s event. And there’s a lot more to the world of health technology than just smart watches.

One of our favourites is EMFIT which announced a health monitor that sits beneath the mattress, and can be used to measure the sleeping habits of those ranging from young athletes to elderly dementia sufferers.

Men’s grooming is said to have been a clear winner at this year’s IFA. We saw product releases from the likes of Philips with their OneBlade grooming tool which trims, edges and shaves any length of facial hair using a single tool. With exhibition aisles filled with innovative devices to help keep style-conscious men on trend, it’s safe to say the stylish man has officially arrived at IFA.

IFA in photos

Aside from the jawdropping tech that launched at the show, it’s also been a sight for sore eyes for those who appreciate the aesthetic things in life! Brands have been doing their utmost to try and make the most of their exhibition investment, captivating people’s attention and social media alike.

Here are three of our favourites:

LG used its OLED screens to depict space

T-Systems Germany tapped into the millenial pink and neon trend for their booth this year…

And Samsung featured a digitisation booth  – allowing you to look like you’ve been pulled into the Matrix…

What you might have missed

The announcements coming out of IFA have seen some of the biggest brands in the industry pin their reputation on new technology and applications. But what about the announcements which didn’t make front page news?

Well Panasonic made some pretty hefty claims about enticing children to eat their carrots with its “Education Partner” – a social robot that engages with children aged three to six through interactive play. The robot can move around with the child and will learn, becoming more intelligent the more you use it. Panasonic aims to use the social robot as part of a number of services in collaboration with educational institutes.

While IFA has been a little light on the laptop front so far, The Asus Zenbook Flip 14 certainly tops the bill in terms of looks and performance. The Flip 14 hosts a 360 degree hinge so you can use the laptop in tablet mode, and supports the Asus Pen and stylus. What’s amazing about the Flip 14 however is the amount of much power it packs in to such a thin design, showcasing a Core i7 quad-core CPU and 16GB of RAM.

While you doubtless saw the wearable news from Fitbit and Samsung, Garmin also had a launch at the show with its Vivoactive 3 sport watch. The device has GPS, heart rate sensors and 15 different sports apps, and while the technology is nothing new for Garmin, the multi-coloured, touchscreen Garmin Chroma display and unembellished watch face are.  Garmin are hoping that with the affordability of the watch they can make further inroads in to the wearable market.

Stay tuned for our final show recap tomorrow!