Do It Day: Are you ready to come out?

Our own Christopher Onderstall has been helping with The Drum’s Do It Day. An event that believes that marketing can change the world. Challenged to get more of our nation eating less meat by the Eating Better Alliance, he and a team of Marc Young, Chris Aming, Ben Hawley and Inge Driksne have been working hard to launch their campaign today, 10th November, The Drum’s very own Do It Day. Below Chris discusses the campaign #Vegcurious

broccoli-blogLet’s face it….Most of us don’t know that much about preparing vegetables to eat. Aside from the tomato (not even a vegetable) and potato we struggle to know what to do with them. It might seem like a good idea to ‘eat veg’ once in a while but beyond salads, appetizing meals can seem like a mission…, so might as well stick to meat!Meat has become associated in our imagination with ‘red blooded’ and assertive masculinity. At the same time, many men still harbor false beliefs or myths about veg. They cannot form a staple diet, they don’t provide enough protein, that they’re, ……. we might as well come out and say it: they’re basically, ‘less manly’.

In partnership with a group of agencies brought together by the Drum I’ve been supporting a campaign for the Eating Better Alliance aimed at getting men not to give up meat, but show how sexy veg can be to inspire a new generation of men to be more daring about eating choices by actively exploring their more vegcurious side.

Vegcurious does not mean becoming vegetarian. We don’t expect you to commit to a stable relationship with a radish! But we will be encouraging trysting with turnips, getting cheeky with chard or chickpeas, quickies with quinoa, intrigue with endives and some louche liaisons with leeks and legumes…

So come out and join us and declare your vegcuriosity.

To help you experiment we’ve got some great recipes to tempt you & your mates. And for the deeply vegcurious visit our site at and proudly share your support for vegcurious on Facebook and Twitter 

Christopher Onderstall, Digital & Social Lead