Abstract Digest #18

Welcome to the highlights of this week’s news!



Pop-up sensor would give robot surgeons a sense of touch.

A site tracking the Canadian PM’s promises.

Welsh government in drive to recruit junior doctors from England.

Google reportedly working on a new wearable device that isn’t Glass.

Coming soon: Temporarily freckle yourself

LED implants could ease your pain.

Ralph Lauren starts testing interactive fitting rooms in NYC.

Are ingestible sensors the future of healthtech?



Amazon Pantry takes on UK supermarkets

Meet the artist behind one of the most widely shared images of peace in the wake of the events in Paris.

Lessons from the PC video game industry.

The UK’s top storytelling brands 2015.

Atmotube tells you if the air you’re breathing is toxic.

Google lowers minimum app prices in 17 countries.

Tate Britain wants to ‘connect artworks with a new audience‘ in fresh campaign.

Twitter campaign launched to create official safe sex emoji.

A study confirms use of gadgets before bedtime has detrimental effect on sleep.

Facebook tests ‘break-up’ tools.

AgeUK, John Lewis & Dame Helen Mirren combine to tackle loneliness.

The 30 best and worst paid jobs in the UK.



Mark Ritson: Millennials are out; blah blahs are your next target group.

Ex-Apple employees spill the beans on what it was like to work there.

When crowdfunding projects go wrong

37 best websites to learn something new

Shift your mindset by saying these four things less.

How period trackers have changed girl culture.

Adele doesn’t like streaming.



This company will break up with your partner for you.

The 116 photos NASA picked to explain our world to aliens.

How do you plate your food? You wierdo.

A website devoted to tracking the activity of pigeons in movies…?

The tragically short half-life of online empathy.

The BBC 100 Women of 2015 has been released!

This couple canceled their wedding and gave the money to Syrian refugees.

Drone + Instagram = Dronestagram and shows the most amazing pictures you’ve ever seen.