Abstract Digest #16

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Google’s self-driving cars will be aware of children.

How VR in sports advertising could change the creative industry.

Slack plans a mass-media advertising push to boost growth.

Facebook is dabbling in a ‘teleportation’ station set to launch by 2025.

Osborne can find £4.4bn without cutting tax credits, says thinktank.

Facebook reportedly launching a standalone news app next week.

How to redesign a font for the 21st century.

You’re about to start getting a hell of a lot more matches on Tinder.

Jeremy Corbyn could be hit by wave of resignations in attempt to pave way for coup.



Ford are running a clever ‘don’t emoji and drive‘ ad campaign.

A really nifty YouGov tool – see the profile of fans of almost any celeb, TV show or brand.

David Cameron has sparked controversy for photoshopping a poppy onto his Facebook page.

Amazon have opened a book store in Seattle.

Today Uber launched the beta of an uberPOOL option for their commuters.

PayPal receives complaints about its Christmas ad after implying Santa isn’t real.

Coca Cola Christmas truck told to stay away from Leicester because of diabetes while Coca Cola takes no time to reply

Blood test could determine prostate cancer therapy.

The John Lewis advert is now out…

#repealthe8th: Irish women tweet their periods to prime minister Enda Kenny.



Which Halloween-inspired TV episodes generated the most buzz on Twitter?

Six lessons for brands on building strong corporate cultures.

It all kicked off when an MP suggested having a debate to mark International Men’s Day.

World’s biggest tech companies get failing grade on data-privacy rights.

Why people love Bond… even if it’s still sexist.

Labour moderates need to stop moaning and find an alternative to Jeremy Corbyn.

Canon define the difference between the enthusiast and the pro photographer.

Millennials got a raw deal with social media

A week with FreedomPop in the UK: You can’t argue with free.



The best and worst places to live and work in the UK, revealed in one chart.

Google’s latest app tells friends when you’re free to do something.

Three ‘haircare’ trends shaping the beauty industry.

Read Apple’s terms and conditions like never before

Why is Canada’s new cabinet half women? Justin Trudeau has the perfect answer.

Enjoy a stroll through New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’ via Google Street View.

Eight things people should do before 8am for the morning people…while seven things you should do before 7am for the non-morning people.