Social Media Reacts to Televised Challengers Debate

At the conclusion of this evening’s challengers political debate, communications and public affairs consultancy FleishmanHillard (@FHUKPolitics) has produced social media analytics charting online reactions to the Party leaders and topics discussed.

Nicola Sturgeon won the debate, the FleishmanHillard Social Analytics team has found, after analysis of exchanges on twitter.

Key statistics include:

  • Over 450,000 mentions of the debate on twitter during the event, significantly lower than the 950,000 mentions which the ITV Leaders Debate received
  • Nicola Sturgeon had a 74% positive sentiment rating on twitter (lower than her 84% score accrued during the ITV Leaders Debate), trailed by Bennett on 65%, Wood on 56%,  Miliband on 55% and Farage on 32%
  • Both Farage and Miliband increased their sentiment score compared to the ITV Leaders Debate when Farage was on 22% and Miliband on 28%
  • Farage lost the greatest sentiment throughout the debate, dropping from 44% half way through to 32% at the end
  • Both Sturgeon and Miliband increased their sentiment during the debate with Sturgeon increasing from 70% to 74% and Miliband increasing from 52% at the halfway point to 55% at the end

For these statistics and additional information in the run up to the General Election, FleishmanHillard can be found tweeting at @FHUKPolitics.