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Research, Analytics & Measurement at FleishmanHillard UK

Our vision is to be truth-seekers, always striving to identify meaningful connections among disparate sources of information, research and data, and create a culture of continuous learning and diversity of knowledge.

As part of the FleishmanHillard network, ‘True Global Intelligence’, our approach is rooted in the belief that effective research, analytics and evaluation is a blend of rigour and flexibility, consistency and customisability. Using careful data gathering and thoughtful analysis of facts, we can unlock intelligence and generate the transformative ideas that shape a company’s success.

With our unwavering focus on business outcomes and never-ending cycle of intelligence gathering, we ensure our clients’ sustained success. We provide an advantage to our clients by finding the truth – about their audiences, the operating environment and their competition, helping them realise their goals and we equip our teams and our clients to optimise campaigns in real-time.

Case study

Our client had a burning measurement ask. Deliver a media measurement system that provides a holistic, consistent view of PR performance across Europe and that can elevate PR with business partners by showing brand impact.

To deliver on that challenge, we first interrogated our client’s internal performance measurement structure to make sure our solution would align. We then led the client on a discovery to find the right media intelligence partner.

The result: after an RFP process, we selected a next-generation media intelligence partner that was able to provide coverage at scale, while also delivering metrics that show audience engagement and impact. This system is the basis for monthly reporting that provides context to the numbers. And, for the first time PR data is now fed into a central marketing dashboard.


Primary research

Measurement planning and implementation

Brand and reputation research

Audience profiling

Social and digital analytics

Dashboard reporting

Advanced analytics


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