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At a time when the impact of ageing populations, increased burden of chronic and lifestyle diseases, downward pressure on healthcare budgets and system reform, meet some of the most interesting genetic and technology innovations of all time, it has never been more important for healthcare companies to engage with society in an authentic and compelling way.

We make this happen, helping corporates, brands, academic institutes, advocates and policy stakeholders communicate and be heard in today’s hyper-connected world.

We are experts at driving engagement by designing and bringing to life healthcare communications programmes that are informed by insight and data-led strategy. We are inspired by developing communications that improve access and uptake of therapeutic and diagnostic innovations and approaches, linked directly to health outcomes.

As part of the global FleishmanHillard healthcare network, our UK-based international team of healthcare consultants offer deep, sector-specific expertise and award-winning creativity.

Case study

A global healthcare company was undergoing a major technology transformation designed to bring teams in the discovery and development process closer together, remove unnecessary delays between stages, and improve overall success rates. Systems were being upgraded, interlinked and bespoke elements added, bringing about a need for new levels of collaboration and engagement. The introduction of improved reporting and analytics capability required team leaders to understand the value of, and feel empowered by the new systems to unlock new insights and innovate for efficiencies.

At this business defining moment, FleishmanHillard UK helped the organisation present the complex system change through an easily understandable narrative which was used to articulate the changes across the company. This helped senior executives and business unit leaders embed the new systems and continue to revolutionise the drug discovery and development process.


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

Healthcare communications strategy consulting and programme development

Corporate communications for healthcare companies

Product launch communications

Advocacy programming

Narrative and message development

Market access communications

Healthcare issues management

Health policy education

Brand communications

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