Project Z: Understanding Gen Z

Gen Z, a generation hard to pin down and define. Born between the years 1995-2005, this is a generation that has grown up digital and within a bubble of political and economic uncertainty to now sit at the precipice of today’s culture.

We know they’re breaking into the global workforce and surpassing millennials in terms of global population, with their spending power and influence edging closer. This is a generation in flux with so many contradictory characteristics. Our newly formed Youth & Culture team sought to find out what they believe in and what nuances they have in pursuing passions and consuming culture. Going beyond what social platforms they use, we’re finding the truth between their polarised views.

To understand the behaviours and motivations of Gen Z through a new lens, FleishmanHillard Fishburn’s TRUE Global Intelligence team conducted its own mixed methodology research project among individuals aged 14-24. This encompassed both primary and secondary research methods, including an online survey, digital focus groups and trends research. This has all culminated into our latest white paper, Project Z.

Project Z offers a wealth of information on the motivations, behaviours and attitudes that Gen Z have. A small snapshot of our findings:

  • Ownership and Consumption – With streaming, near-instant delivery services and social platforms making it easier for consumers to purchase goods, we’ve considered what it means for Gen Z to physically own things. With the presumed emergence of new luxe among youth, we’re still seeing that 57% of Gen Z choices are still driven by affordability
  • Morality and Mortality – Brands are trying to reach this audience with purposeful campaigns. We’ve looked into what Gen Z really think about this regarding mental health, as it’s such an important topic yet, Gen Z don’t believe that traditional brands need to play a role in this. Only 13% rank communications from brands as a way to help those who face mental health issues
  • 2030 Thinking – Gen Z is shaping the future of the business and our research shows new insights into the future of the generation. Despite a barrage of ‘insta-entreprenuer’ content online, only 11% strive to be their own boss

For your copy of Project Z email our Youth & Culture team.