PRedicting 2019: What's next for... Healthcare?

Non-traditional evolving into the traditional

These are some of the most exciting times in healthcare with some fairly important trends set to shape the sector in 2019.

The development of new drugs (small molecules) is being expedited by new algorithms and machine learning from a new generation of specialist market entrants already doing important new deals with established players.  Elsewhere innovation continues in the biologic space, transforming outcomes in a number of therapeutic areas, especially oncology.

However with progress comes expense, and with uncertainty and downward pressure on healthcare budgets in many markets, providers who are able to meet patient needs through novel treatment and access schemes stand to reap the rewards.  All eyes will be on health tech and non-traditional, new-age pioneers to see if they can transform options at a time when traditional pharma – even the generic sector – is looking hard for answers.

John Gisborne, Managing Director of Healthcare