Meet the editor: Geoff Hill

Stephanie Croucher

Last week, we hosted Geoff Hill, Editor of ITV News as a part of our “Meet the Editor”series in a Q&A with our Head of News, Peter Meikle. Geoff shared his insight on how the broadcast media are futureproofing and distinguishing themselves in the digital age. He also offered top tips about how PR’s should respond to broadcast reporters at a time of crisis.  We summarised the best takeaways from the session below.


Broadcast scoops offer something unique from online content

Geoff revealed that in an age when most people have news applications on their phones and constant access to breaking news, broadcast news media has the challenge of captivating the attention of viewers with unique content. He firmly believes that broadcast news that combines in-depth analysis and personality offers the excitement and intrigue needed to build lasting relationships with viewers.

 Specialist editors are the new rock stars of business

He said that specialist editors attract huge interest, as households up and down the country are tuning in for regular updates from known and trusted sources. These trusted personalities embody the digital revolution as they are constantly producing sharable content by broadcasting, tweeting, blogging and vlogging.

Relationships with PRP’s matter to specialist editors   

Geoff also revealed that specialist editors and reporters value their relationships with PRP’s who work in their sector, as it ensures access to breaking stories. He added that when a reporter has a scoop it’s important that PRP’s encourage companies to respond in a clear, efficient and timely manner. Companies that do the best in protecting their reputation at a time of crisis speak to the media within 24 hours with a fully briefed spokesperson.