Over 6,000 people watch paint dry

Anthony Newsom


Sleep is important. In fact, people today see sleep as a more significant factor in their overall health and well-being than family, work and social life.

This World Sleep Day Philips, with the help of FleishmanHillard Fishburn (as part of their OneVoiceConnect partnership) took on the task of helping the world fall asleep by creating the world’s most sleep inducing social campaign (intentionally).

When people can’t sleep they tweet . To help people drift off Philips decided to make their social media send people to sleep for the duration of World Sleep Day.

Philips engaged in real-time on Twitter by sending people who couldn’t sleep around the world content from the most sleep inducing website (www.sendmetosleep.com) filled with videos of sheep to count, peaceful countryside scenes and tedious bowls games along with the latest sleep tips and thought leadership.

Philips also broadcast paint drying on Periscope for over 41 hours with over 6k viewers, watching what is possibly the World’s longest Periscope.

Sleep inducing content was shared across  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedIn and Snapchat