Abstract Digest #19

Welcome to Abstract Digest, a look at this week’s top news, top trending and stuff that made us laugh.



How brands are moving on from lads’ mag culture.

Facebook offers holiday targeting to brands.

Google’s made several ‘Star Wars’ VR experiences for Cardboard.

Trident ‘could be rendered obsolete by hackers‘.

Your future smartphone’s screen will hardly need any power.

A wristband concept to detect the nutritional value in your food.

Google reveals the best and worst times to shop on Black Friday.

Airbus’ detachable cabin concept could save you time at the airport.

Researchers successfully test LiFi – a new type of wireless internet that’s 100 times faster.

Bloody good ideas: How innovation is tackling the stigma around periods.

BBC3 TV channel to be switched off by February, BBC Trust confirms.

Cost of .uk domain names to rise 50% from 2016.



Ed Miliband on Corbyn: ‘I bet you didn’t think things would get worse

Ofcom: Nearly 50% of children ‘unaware’ vloggers are paid to endorse products.

Social media drove more referrals than search for 2015’s biggest news stories.

No one ‘banned’ the Church of England ad – they’re making it up.

Hillary Clinton slams tax-avoiding pharma mega deal.

Officials link hacker to theft of 1.2 billion log-in credentials.

Is this the most nonsensical piece of advice for PRs?

Instant messaging will change the way brands talk to customers

Raspberry release £4 computer.

Spending Review: George Osborne defends tax credits U-turn.

Instagram to become ‘shop window for brands’ this Christmas as it debuts new ad targeting tool.

Large Hadron Collider makes record-breaking collision.

How MTV, Radio 1 and Channel 4 are adapting to reach and retain millennials.



Natalie Dormer: ‘Female empowerment shouldn’t be only about sexuality‘.

Ebola global response was ‘too slow’, say health experts.

To think, we nearly had Star Trek communicator badges.

Frankie Boyle on the fallout from Paris: ‘This is the worst time for society to go on psychopathic autopilot’.

33 books everyone should read before turning 30.

The launch of iBeacon two years ago was supposed to change shopping. What happened?

PRs praise ‘proactive’ Nestlé announcement on human rights abuses in supply chain.

This is what the spending review means for tech and science.

Why I give John McDonnell’s little red book stunt the big red card.



The scented cup that makes drinking water more enjoyable.

Some handy tips to master public speaking during your next presentation. Hint: kill the slides.

A dad with no shame re-enacts all of Street Fighter’s victory poses.

Jeff Bezos’ space company does world first in landing reusable rocket.

Paddy Power is trying to get new goal scoring hero Jamie Vardy his own crisp flavour using Change.org.

5 reasons why old-school flip phones are making a comeback.

What it’s like to live today after 44 years in jail.