Why True? It's about who we are and who we want to be

True. It’s one of the most powerful ideals known to mankind. It ranks right up there with justice and fairness.

Something that is true cannot be diminished. True is persistent and immovable. We’re drawn to people who are true and genuine to themselves and others.

So why would a communications company like FleishmanHillard dare to associate itself with the concept of true? Is it the ultimate conceit?

Perhaps. But the concept of true is real and purposeful to us at FleishmanHillard. When we decided to refresh our brand, we clung to this branding axiom: Real brands cannot be invented; they must be revealed. So, we set out and looked honestly and deeply at who we are. We talked with clients to understand their changing needs. We also surveyed the current communications landscape. All things intersected at one word—true.

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