Abstract Digest #9

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Aston Martin reveals DB10 stunt sequences for Bond film ‘Spectre’.

Intelligent machines: the jobs robots will steal first.

Microsoft set to reveal new Windows 10 devices in early October.

Nescafé has lost faith in the dotcom and is betting big on Tumblr instead.

Mercedes developing self-driving limousines.

NASA delays Orion capsule’s first manned flight until 2023.

Your next smartphone could recharge from 0 to 80% in 35 minutes.

Connected mascara? L’Oreal explores the Internet of Things.


Nintendo names Tatsumi Kimishima as CEO.

Porsche and Audi take on Tesla with two gorgeous electric car visions.

A successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign has been ordered to pay back donors by a court after failing to deliver the goods.

Colorado park closes because people can’t stop taking selfies with bears.

Spanish judge orders man to tweet court sentence for 30 days.

Google Glass is now ‘Project Aura’ also welcome ex-Amazon employees.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not back an exit from the EU amid growing tension over who makes Labour policy.

UK scientists seek permission to genetically modify human embryos.


Why is influencer marketing no longer just for big brands?

Why marketing should take a stance on feminism.

How does technology affect human relationships?

5 tips for making it in indie games from the co-creator of ‘Bonza’.

Jose Mourinho’s PR meltdowns show no signs of stopping.

10 tips for putting measurement into action.

Why nonprofits should connect with vloggers.

Why does the left hate Rugby?


The evolution of Super Mario!

If other companies revamped their iconic logos like Google…

Lost footage from a Go-Pro in space has been recovered.

The guy who photoshops himself into stock images is back!

Why do some people take selfies in emergencies?

Camera Restricta won’t allow you to take cliche photos.

131 actionable ideas from 10 books.