Abstract Digest #6

Welcome to another edition of Abstract Digest, collating this weeks news, trends and creativity.


Sony’s drone business that will target construction, logistics and agriculture will launch in the first half of 2016.

Google is testing a new Maps tool for uploading food-related photos.

Can Donald Trump’s stunt marketing provide the long-term value his brand needs to run for president?

Microsoft reveals a prototype keyboard with e-ink displays.

Batteries could soon last almost forever by turning liquid batteries into solids.

A flu vaccine that lasts a lifetime? Yes, please!

Take a pro photographer on holiday with you.

Woman’s responsibility’: Only 1 in 10 British men would use male contraceptive pill.

London, you can now order burgers using emoji.



Louise Mensch takes Twitter swipe at Corbyn campaign – and hits herself.

George Osborne will go to Europe this week to renegotiate the UK’s relationship.

Chatroulette users stumble into a live-action zombie shooter.

Pro-government Twitter bots try to hush Mexican activists.

Twitter has shut down Politwoops, a tool that allowed users to find politicians’ deleted tweets.

Make sure you’ve got your phrases up to scratch with this infographic listing common mistakes in phraseology.

Yes, really: middle class graffiti is a thing now.

What can we do to be happier?

Burger King to McDonald’s: Let’s Make a ‘McWhopper’ for International Peace Day. McDonald’s replies: No.

Cosmetic chain Lush accused of ‘insulting‘ Londoners.

Newspapers spark outrage with front page coverage of TV killings.

Here are the healthiest lunches on the high street.

Google’s been recruiting programmers based on their search habits.

1 billion people used Facebook on Monday.

excellent Snapchat campaigns.



Does anyone really care how politicians look?

The Spotify privacy backlash: what is my personal data really worth?

YouTubers & brands: how to work with vloggers including TomSka.

Social media has become an important educational tool within the healthcare industry.

The tweets that MPs delete – and why Twitter doesn’t want us to see them.

The fascinating story of the community manager behind the worst PS4 game ever.

Pitch processes ‘set up master/slave dynamic at outset‘ & should be changed.

Unless you want TV by diktat, defend the BBC.

How are US sports leagues using content marketing to their advantage?

Alphabet has taught us the importance of the corporate brand.