Abstract Digest #5

Welcome to another edition of Abstract Digest, collating this weeks news, trends and creativity.


Google’s upcoming Nexus phone might look like this.

Lurch to the left or the right? Where Labour and the Tories must position themselves to win in 2020.

Facebook looks set to alter the platform to encourage long-form blogging.

Aldi and Morrisons will pay farmers more for milk – smart PR move?

Starbucks stores are transitioning to serve wine and beer in the evening.

These are all the new emojis in the running for 2016.

Make better cocktails with this LED-covered Bluetooth stick coming to Kickstarter soon.

If you’re starting planning your marketing campaigns for Christmas, you’re already late!

Solo holidays: The future of travel?



The New York Times published a damning report on Amazon’s working conditions.

Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) did not wait to respond.

Reddit has caved in to a request by the Russian government, avoiding a site-wide ban in the country, but raising questions about future such requests.

Press Association advises papers to remove ‘real life’ story after ‘victim’ is revealed as employee of PR firm Fuel.

Google has launched a new standalone Hangouts website.

UK Vlogger guidelines published by advertising committee.

There are 18 million food-related references on Facebook every day. Food for thought.

Vaping: e-cigarettes safer than smoking, says Public Health England.

Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank‘ becomes a reality in new Hostelworld ad!

Points to consider when developing a mobile app strategy.

Which TV channel is best at social?



Republishing older blog posts – how does it work?

‘I’m embracing uncertainty’: teenagers on why they are not going to university.

How to keep technology from mocking your broken heart.

Corbynomics: A path to penury.

How do we tackle digital advertising issues?

Is rugby the only clean sport left for brands?

How social media taught us to stop listening and forget how to lose.

Sweaty-gate is a storm in a teacup. Nobody outside PR land cares.

Are Lego master marketers?

Donald Trump beware: apprentice Deez Nuts is top-polling independent.

15 ways to beat procrastination.