Content is king: FleishmanHillard and Specialist are ready to hold court

It’s a battle cry that you would have heard rattling around offices for years, reverberating off your press releases, keynotes and articles. Content is king. As clichéd as that phrase has become, it has never been more true.

In the age of the Internet, content dominates. In a congested marketplace, strong content gets brands heard. In a climate where brands are moving paid media spend into social platforms, getting content right is imperative. It’s only natural, therefore, for FH to look toward expanding and enhancing our content marketing capability.

We have done just that by merging with Specialist, a content marketing agency designed to help brands and businesses engage customers and employees.  They have an arsenal of writers, editors, researchers, videographers, photographers and social media content specialists who already deliver high-value content. They have content platforms ready to intelligently serve content to customers. They have 46 years’ experience of making content work.

With Specialist by our side, we’ve never been in a better position to deliver relevant, powerful, compelling content. Content really is king, and we’re ready to hold court.

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